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The AFEYD is an environmental structure of sustainable development and of youth; created in Brazzaville in Republic of Congo in 2009 in order to contribute to the sustainable development of that country but with the perspectives of expanding around the world through actions of sustainable development, of environmental education and actions in favour of youth; because  the protection of environment, each country needs it and the damages of environmental degradation differ from one country to another, for example in Lebanon with the waste crisis and the civil society against that crisis; that means there are environmental issues everywhere, although small it be or great. It is in this sense that  the AFEYD has the perspective  to expand to support local populations in each country of the world where the opportunity will show, because without environment, there is no life. And if the environment is degraded there will  be always risks.

 In Congo, the AFEYD sensitized the children of schools, young people and adults against the dangers brought by the environmental degradation because the environmental degradation kills, kills the poorest of the poor, does cause diseases of all kind and  as long as the development of the world will not be in harmony with the environment, poverty will not end because the survival of populations depends also on the essential services provided by nature.

 The environment, which is a very broad area ; needs a commitment from all to blossom. Currently with the climate change effects , countries around the world are looking for solutions to try to reduce the consequences of climate change; there are some disasters that befell around the world are the results of climate change, so no need to think that it is natural.

 In the country such as Congo, the environment needs the commitment of all Congolese so that that environment does blossom in all areas; the problems of unhealthy, lack of urban roads, lack of a good system of sanitation, lack of sorting centers and waste recycling, waste disposal are missing, lack of electricity and water, there are old cars that is circulating and polluting, there is deforestation and lack of a good urban plan, etc.... those subjects are at the heart of the debate and awareness so that the children, the young people and the adults realize the danger of living in a degraded environment.

 The AFEYD focuses on education because the education is the basis of all, whence the environmental education has become the high point of the AFEYD association; that education is for children, young people and adults because education is the best of science.



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"For every young people, a healthy and sustainable environment" 


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